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Campaign Overview | 宣傳活動概要 | 캠페인 개요

Please put up any of your photos associated with cherry blossoms that you have taken on your travels in Japan. We're especially looking for photos of cherry blossoms in Shinjuku, Hakone, Kamakura and Enoshima.
From a lucky draw, 5 pairs of 10 people will receive a trip to Hakone via Limited Express "Romancecar"!

During the period of the campaign, at the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Centers in Shinjuku Station or Odawara Station, foreign customers who purchase Hakone Freepass tickets or "Romancecar" limited express tickets will receive cherry blossom patterned chopsticks as a gift.
We're also handing out pamphlets containing information on recommended cherry tree sites, the cherry blossom blooming periods, and cherry blossom-related souvenirs! 
>> Click here for pamphlet details

The cherry blossom season is just around the corner! Find out all the best viewing areas located along the Odakyu Line
>> Click here for our special cherry blossom webpage

【How to submit】
(1) After you agree to the Terms of Use, login using your Facebook account.
*For those of you who do not have an account, please create one.
Click here for Facebook.
(2) Enter the necessary information on the photo submission form.
*This is only necessary for the first time.
(3) Upload your chosen photos.
(4) Write a comment about the photo, then once you have confirmed all the information entered, click on "Submit".
【About the prize】
A trip to Hakone via Limited Express "Romancecar" for 5 pairs of 10 people
Limited Express "Romancecar" Round-trip tickets + accommodation package
(Hotel De Yama accommodation coupon +
Limited Express "Romancecar" Round-trip tickets)
【Application disclaimer】
- This campaign is planned and promoted by ODAKYU ELECTRIC RAILWAY Co., Ltd.
- If any entry is assessed as exhibiting fraudulent or suspicious conduct, the winning rights to the prize may be made invalid.
- Facebook is not conducting the sponsorship, support and operation of the campaign, Facebook has nothing to do with any incidents that arise during this campaign, and bears no responsibility towards any customers.
- Based on the Terms of Use of the Odakyu Limited Express "Romancecar" Facebook page, the administration reserves the right to remove without notice any submission deemed as inappropriate.
>> Terms of Use
- The content of any entries submitted may be used by the administration on Facebook or for other promotions at any time.
- Multiple entries may be submitted by a single participant.
- Please make sure to only submit original images taken by yourself. Any images that are judged to be transcriptions, references or damaging to third parties will be disqualified. In addition, the participant is fully responsible for any trouble that arises from submission.
- At the time of application for this campaign, the participant agrees to supply information on their name, email address, sex and date of birth as registered on Facebook.
- In the case that a dispute occurs with a third party, the participant shall bear all responsibilities and costs in order to settle the matter.
【Management of personal information】
- The personal information registered by customers for this campaign will be supplied to ODAKYU ELECTRIC RAILWAY Co., Ltd. and not to Facebook.
- The personal information provided will be used to choose winners and dispatch prizes, as well as being used for statistical purposes (statistical data will not contain personal information).
- The personal information provided will be appropriately managed according to ODAKYU ELECTRIC RAILWAY Co., Ltd.'s Policy on Protection of Personal Information.
>> Policy on Protection of Personal Information
【Announcement of winners】
- The winners will be sent a message from the administration to their email address registered on Facebook.
- The draw is scheduled for mid-May, 2013. Only the winners will be contacted.
* After being informed about selection or winning, if no response is received from the winner within 2 weeks, the winning rights will be made forfeit.
* Regarding application, the administration holds no responsibility for any trouble related to transmission, servers or programs, so please be warned.
* Although the administration intends to contact the winners and inform them about claim procedures in late June 2013, due to various circumstances there may be delays, so please be noted.
【For inquiries regarding this campaign】
For any questions regarding this campaign, please contact this email address. In addition, please be aware that there are questions that we cannot answered, including any inquiries about other participants.
SAKURA Campaign Administration Office