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Terms of Use

This website is operated by Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “this company”) or an agent thereof. This website adopts the following Terms of Use. Please agree with the following Terms of Use when browsing/using this website. Furthermore, please note in advance that this Terms of Use is subject to change without prior notice.
[Precautions regarding image submission]
(1) Although a participant can submit multiple entries, there can only be one winning entry per participant.
(2) Submitted images and content must be original and previously unpublished.
(3) Image data is limited to .jpg and .png formats.
(4) Image data size is limited up to 10 MB.
(5) For local uploads from smartphones, supported devices must be using iOS6 or later, or Android 2.33 or later. (Some devices are not supported)
(6) Please do not include any specific personal information in the images, tags or comments such as names, addresses or phone numbers.
(7) After selection by the administration, submitted photographs will be published on this website and (global site). Submitted contents deemed to be in violation of this Terms of Use may not be publicized. Please note in advance that there shall not be any notification issued regarding content that cannot be published.
(8) Image data will not be returned regardless of any circumstances.
(1) Contents submitted to this website do not represent the official views of this company, and there is no guarantee of the accuracy, integrity or usefulness of the information.
(2) This company shall not bear any liability for contents submitted to this website by its users.
(3) This company shall not bear any liability for damages to users caused by use of this website or inability to use this website.
(4) This company shall not bear any liability for damages to users or third parties caused by trouble between users or between users and third parties.
[Prohibited items]
When using this website, as well as the acts prohibited in other articles and clauses of this policy, the following acts shall also be strictly prohibited.
(1) Items unrelated to this campaign. Items that are deemed as not being in line with the aims of the campaign, or which are deemed to be inappropriate.
(2) Slander or attempts to damage confidence in this company, other companies or third parties, or concern that such acts may occur.
(3) Items in which personal information can be identified without having consent from the individual.
(4) Items violating public order and morals.
(5) Infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights of this company, other companies or third parties, or concern that such acts may occur.
(6) Use of this website for commercial purposes.
(7) Uploading files containing harmful computer viruses.
(8) Items with deleted signatures or legal presentation.
(9) Fraud through falsification of author names, etc.
(10) Political use such as participation in election campaigns, religious propagation, or canvassing.
(11) Discrimination or promotion of discrimination against certain races, ideologies or beliefs, etc.
(12) Illegal information or promotion of crime-related illegal acts.
(13) Gossip or promotion of gossip regarding baseless speculation.
(14) Items that may cause visitors to reach misunderstandings or make mistakes.
(15) Conduct deemed inappropriate for this website by this company.
Information and content, etc. obtained through this website must not be reproduced, distributed, published, transmitted to the general public, or used for any purpose other than personal use or personal use within the family. In addition, information and content, etc. from this service must not be used outside the range of uses permitted by the Copyright Act.
Copyrights, trademark signs, image rights and all other rights for published contents belong to the individual user who has made the submission. However, when a user submits content it shall be deemed that the user has agreed to allow this company the right to non-exclusive, free-of-charge use of this content worldwide (including duplication, processing and publicizing), and no copyright shall be exercised in relation to this company for such use.
[Applicable law and court with jurisdiction]
Japanese Law shall be applied in the establishment, validity, performance and interpretation of these Terms of Use. The first hearings for all disputes relating to use of submissions shall be held exclusively under the jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court.
[Handling of personal information]
Personal information provided by users shall be used for the lottery and distribution of prizes in this campaign, and shall be processed on a statistical level. (Statistical data does not contain personal information.)
The personal information provided shall be managed appropriately in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. This Privacy Policy can be found here.
[Other important points to note]
(1) All costs incurred during submission such as internet access fees and packet transmission fees shall be borne by the participant.
(2) Regarding application, the administration holds no responsibility for any trouble related to transmission, servers or programs, etc., so please be noted.
(3) This campaign may be suspended without notice. Please be noted.
(4) The Terms of Use of this campaign are based on the Japanese law.